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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Health Tip

When setting goals you want them to be “SMART”.

S = Specific
What, how, why is goal going to be accomplished? Goal must be clear and easy to understand

M = Measurable
Your goal can be tracked and monitored regularly to measure results
example: number of pounds, percent fat loss, etc

A = Attainable
The goal is something you can achieve and feel successful to keep you motivated and moving toward the end result. Not too easy that you are not motivated but not too hard so you are not frustrated.

R = Realistic
Set goals that are not too easy but make you put forth the effort to get you to that end result

T = Timely
Time specific/deadline oriented – having a timeframe gives you a guideline to reach the end result and keeps you accountable

Instead of “I want to lose weight”

SMART goal: I want to lose 10 lbs over the six weeks.

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